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May. 22nd, 2013

Avengers (21)
Eureka (17)
The Walking Dead (10)
Leverage (08)
Better off Ted (06)
Once Upon a Time (05)
Suits (05)
Elementary (05)
Go On (05)
Friday Night Lights (05)
Community (04)
True Blood (03)
Shameless US (03)
Pushing Daisies (02)
Snow White and the Huntsman (02)
Parks and Recreation (02)
How I met your mother (02)
New Girl (01)
Game of Thrones (01)
Revenge (01)
Lost Girl (01)
Doctor Who (01)
Mad Men (01)
Pinky & the Brain (01)
misc Celebs (05)

Icons this way

Zombie Cam: Halifax Zombie Walk 2012

Shot with a GoPro Hero 2 cam mounted on a hard hat.

Romero Tribute- Montage Of The Dead

After a couple or so weeks of my life I ain't getting back, TADA! :)


Dear Bitsy - Etsy.com Shop


Hello!  Please take a look at my etsy shop, Dear Bitsy.  I crochet disturbingly adorable and adorably disturbing animals, including a human skull! The skulls are normally done on a custom order basis, so please send me a message on etsy if you are interested! 
I run a play-by-post zombie-based RPG, if anyone's interested.

Do your very best to stay alive...

Walking Dead

Thought you guys might get a kick out of my newest shirt design :)


Fix The Chapel.com is the grassroots effort of Night of the Living Dead fans to restore and preserve the chapel in Evans City Cemetery, a cinematic landmark from the George A. Romero classic horror film originally released in 1968. Fundraising activities include donations and merchandise sales through this web site and online auctions, as well as raising awareness at horror conventions and via social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. A goal of $50,000 is being sought.

The restoration and fundraising project is being organized by Gary R. Streiner, key member of the production staff on the original Night of the Living Dead and currently a resident of Evans City, PA. In 1967, Streiner was working at The Latent Image together with George Romero and his brother, Russell Streiner, in Pittsburgh when production began on the landmark film in which he was one of the original ten investors and owners. In 2008 and 2009, Streiner organized Living Dead festivals in Evans City which attracted the largest reunion of cast and crew to date, as well as fans from as far away as France.

Please join us for the Macabre Fair

Please join us for the Macabre Fair April 13-15

If you walk among the strange, come walk with us! We want you. We want the Witches, the Vampires, and the Ghouls. We want all you Zombies, you purveyors of the Otherworldly, you lovers of the Undead! We love Steampunk and Gothic Lolita and everything in between. Come and join u...s for a three day Faire!

Tickets right now are on sale for as low as $10, but hurry prices go up at midnight on Jan. 31
In Rockville Center New York right next to the Rockville Center Train Station
Please go to: www.MacabreFaireTickets.com for tickets and more information
If you need to send an e-mail to TwitchTwitch, please contact us at: deathlyyours@gmail.com

The Last of Us (PS3 exclusive)

It looks good to me! I'm already lovin' Ellie (the girl who looks like Ellen Page). The Last of Us Wikipedia.